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Foton T5 EV shoots to top of truck sales market

Foton Mobility has ended 2023 on a high, with one of its electric vehicles topping the sales charts in Australia

Foton Mobility Distribution has announced that its T5 electric vehicle (EV) has shot to the top of the all-electric truck sales chart in Australia, ending 2023 with a decisive victory.

The local market leadership follows in the footsteps of Foton’s worldwide success. Currently, it is number one in Chinese commercial vehicle sales for 18 straight years, while 2023 has seen more than 11 million units produced.

A leading focus for it has been a concerted push in electric vehicles. More than 22,000 units were produced in 2022, which is on track to meet the company’s 2025 target of 150,000 units produced annually.

In Australia, the initial electric offering focuses on the Foton T5 EV, with the model rated to a GVM of 4,500 kg for car licence operation or 6,000 kg for light rigid licenced drivers.

A highlight of the T5 EV model is its 3,500 kg brake towing capacity, which Foton says is unique for an EV along with making it highly adaptable and capable of seamlessly integrating into fleets.

It also says the EV has a fully loaded range of 180km while offering an all-encompassing safety suite. This includes a low-speed pedestrian warning system, a comprehensive electronic braking and stability support package and dual SRS airbags, as well as a reversing camera and buzzer.

The T5 EV also provides fleets with around 20 per cent lower upfront and operational expenditure, with diesel no longer required.

“The Foton T5 EV truly hit the ground running this year, with the model’s Australian success the start of an exciting array of developments on the horizon,” Foton light duty vehicle general manager Bill Gillespie says.

“Australian companies understand the environmental challenge that is ahead of us, and through Foton they have access to proven technology that performs in the real world.

“This year we’ve received more than 200 orders, while our early deliveries have included industry leaders such as Woolworths, Kings Transport and Grace Removals.

“For our customers, we have put a concerted effort into developing our partner ecosystem, which features energy supply, charging, leasing, finance and aftersales support leaders who provide expertise that assists in the EV transition.”

Gillespie says to go with the truck reaching an all-electric truck sales high, another highlight has been the launch of its nationwide dealer and service network from Cairns to Perth.

“As for 2024, we won’t be resting on our laurels, we will continue to work closely with the factory to develop product improvements which are set to be implemented on models globally,” Gillespie says.

“For customers involved in last mile logistics, local councils and construction plus infrastructure support, we are looking to continue to grow our offering across the country.”

Foton says one of the highlights for the EV brand this year is the introduction of a ready-to-go tipper. Featuring an Australian-made steel tipper, it’s already found favour with municipalities and landscaping companies nationwide.

The ready-to-go space for the EV is expected to grow in the future with a range of solutions purpose-made for Australian conditions.

Foton has also announced a new eight-year/300,000 km power battery warranty for the Australian market, which is complemented by a five-year/200,000km general vehicle warranty.

Additionally, Foton says all products is being supported by NTI Truck Assist’s roadside and phone support service.

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