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FleetCard and Chargefox announce new EV and fuel solution

FleetCard and Chargefox have combined for a new fuel card that encompasses a range of vehicle power sources

Australian fleet management company FleetCard has announced a new partnership with electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider Chargefox to offer a new product for a variety of transport fleets.

The new FleetCard +Electric is designed to help a large number of electric vehicle charging stations to business fleets around Australia.

FleetCard’s collaboration with Chargefox adds an extensive national network of readily available and easily locatable charging stations to FleetCard’s fuelling capabilities, with employees driving an electric vehicle now able to tap the FleetCard +Electric to bill the recharge to the company account like they would with a regular fuel card.

The new product combines FleetCard’s existing fuel card capabilities with an electric offering on the one card, allowing customers more choice when they run their company vehicles.

Sam Steel, the managing director of Corpay Australia and New Zealand, who is FleetCard’s parent company, says that as the industry evolves, FleetCard believes that EVs in fleets are a natural step forward.

“We’re excited to offer our customers the choice to incorporate EV charging as part of their fleet and fuel card. While the term fuel card has meant petrol or diesel until now, electricity is now an important fuel for transport, so it’s natural we added it to the list,” Steel says.

“Our new addition of FleetCard +Electric is helping our customers to make an easy transition to EV, and our partnership with Chargefox gives them access to a vast national network of charging stations, meaning drivers don’t have to stress about on-road charging.”

The addition of EV charging on the card means businesses can now look after their on-road expenses all through the one consolidated invoice.

Chargefox CEO John Sullivan says the partnership provides an exciting opportunity for business fleets across Australia to take the next step into electric vehicles.

“We’re excited to be partnering with FleetCard on the launch of its new EV offering for business fleets,” Sullivan says.

“At Chargefox, we offer the largest and fastest-growing number of EV charging stations, through our hundreds of network partners, taking the stress out of EV adoption and helping individuals and businesses make the switch to electric vehicles.”

Both companies say this unified offering combines fuel of all types – whether it be petrol, diesel or electric, to make the transition to electric vehicles in company fleets simple and easy.

To incorporate this sustainable approach at every step, FleetCard is also rolling out new sustainable cards across their product portfolio, including FleetCard +Electric. The new cards are developed using SICO-R, a sustainable PVC Film produced with 99 per cent recycled PVC made from industrial waste.

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