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Finemore expands fleet to cope with growth

Ron Finemore Transport adds another 15 prime movers to its fleet to meet demand for services

October 1, 2009

National carrier Ron Finemore Transport has added another 15 prime movers to its fleet to meet demand for its food transport division.

The Victorian-based operator (pictured) has introduced 13 Volvo vehicles to fulfil its contract to Woolworths supermarkets, with another two prime movers to be introduced next month.

Finemore’s runs B-doubles between Melbourne and Sydney to distribution centres, and the latest purchase may be a sign the global economic downturn is beginning to ease for manufacturers and trucking operators.

The vehicles are Euro 5 compliant and Finemore Transport Managing Director Laurie Brothers says the built-in safety features such as a driver alert system, lane change features and adaptive cruise control played a key role in the company’s decision to purchase them.

“…the longer the haul, the more important safety becomes,” Brothers says.

Finemore’s was awarded the Woolworths contract in August this year to run between Sydney and Melbourne seven days a week.

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