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FedEx keeps it in the family ahead of Mothers Day

Ahead of Mother’s Day this weekend, Lorraine Hammond has created a family dynasty at FedEx, with her two daughters Lauren and Sophie following in her footsteps to succeed at the logistics giant

When Lorraine Hammond first began working with a shipping container terminal operator in Sydney, she had no idea of the family influence she would have. After joining the operator in 2017 due to a fascination of the machinery and the enormity of the work, Lorraine thrived on the fast paced nature of the job.

Six years later, she is set to celebrate Mother’s Day this year uniquely after guiding her own two daughters into the logistics industry, all at FedEx.

“I didn’t expect us all to be working at the same place,” Lorraine told ATN.

“But I am extremely happy with how it’s turned out, especially for my daughters Lauren and Sophie, who have such bright futures ahead of them.”

Lorraine’s journey has been a whirlwind to now end up at as an executive assistant of operations at FedEx. In 2017, she was approached to work for TNT Express as the regional vice president’s executive assistant while TNT Express was in the midst of an integration process with FedEx.

Lorraine was open to this acquisition due to the global outlook working for FedEx could provide for her career. She worked for the vice president of FedEx Australasia for five years before being transferred in July last year to her current role.

In her time at FedEx to date, Lorraine has loved the fast-paced nature of the logistics industry.

“The logistics industry is fast moving, competitive and full of extremely passionate people who really care about providing the best level of service to both people and businesses,” Lorraine says.

“I love that we work across metro and regional communities, as the latter certainly need it.”

Lorraine’s passion doesn’t make it too hard to see why her daughters were quick to join her in the logistics industry, particularly at FedEx. For Lorraine’s daughter Lauren, her career journey started by going to the airport to marvel at the planes taking off and landing for hours.

“I always had a passion and interest for the aviation industry,” Lauren told ATN.

“However, working in logistics wasn’t at the top of my career list as soon as I graduated from high school, it wasn’t something I’d seriously considered at the time.”

Yet when Lauren did finish high school, she was left stranded for opportunities through a myriad of reasons. This was when Lorraine stepped in, providing a guiding hand to suggest that Lauren work for the massive global logistics presence that is FedEx.

Lauren is now an account executive in FedEx’s field sales sector and is thriving in her role.

Lauren says she joined FedEx “with an open mind”, not expecting to experience the success she has had. Lorraine knew deep down that Lauren’s passion for aviation meant she would cherish working at FedEx, where she could still be connected to her love for planes.

“My mum has always spoken highly of the business, the people and the culture at FedEx,” Lauren says.

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“I now believe I can go anywhere in this organisation, from progressing further in the sales department or moving into a completely new function. I’m very excited for what the future holds and I’m certain I want to stay within the industry and the business.”

The same couldn’t be said for Lorraine’s younger daughter in Sophie, who never expected to be working at the same place as her older sister and mother.

“I was unsure of what exactly I wanted to do with my career when I was 17,” Sophie told ATN.

“I had just graduated and was presented with an opportunity to work in the customer experience department for FedEx. I saw it as a great opportunity since I’ve always considered myself to be quite the people person.”

Sophie hasn’t looked back, now elevating to the role of operation supervisor. She says seeing Lauren’s success in her role drove her to consider the possibilities of following in her footsteps.

Although the logistics industry isn’t traditionally considered an easy one for women to thrive in, the three-prong family at FedEx is proving that there is plenty of enjoyment and development to be had for women at FedEx.

“Luckily for us, FedEx is an extremely inclusive company that is welcoming to everyone, making it a desirable company to work for,” Sophie says.

Lauren says: “Being a female in the logistics industry does have its challenges, but I believe it’s played a huge part in who we are today.

“Even though the industry is mostly male dominant, I’m surrounded and have been mentored by some of the strongest women I’ve met in this company.”

At the figurehead of this story is Lorraine, who wasn’t expecting to end up working at the same business as her two daughters.

“But I’m extremely happy about it, especially for Lauren and Sophie as they have bright futures ahead of them,” she says.

“I’m extremely proud of what they have achieved in such a short period of time, as well as the mature and intelligent ladies they’ve become.

“I often receive comments from colleagues who work with them and tell me how they are liked and well respected at FedEx.”

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