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Federal governments prioritises road safety this Rural Road Safety Month

The federal government is urging transport operators to prioritise safety on rural roads this month

September is Rural Road Safety Month, and Australians are being urged to take extra care on regional and remote roads – including being particularly mindful of all road users such as children walking to or from school.

Rural Road Safety Month, now in its fifth year, is a national community-based initiative from the Australian Road Safety Foundation that seeks to highlight the additional risks present on or around rural roads.

Regional and remote road users account for almost two-thirds of the people who die on Australian roads each year.

It is not just visitors but locals are also killed and seriously injured on rural roads.

The federal government is urging operators to stay safe by driving to the conditions, staying within signposted speeds limits, taking regular breaks and sharing the drive on long road journeys.

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“The over-representation of regional and remote road users in our road fatalities should be of great concern to us all and Rural Road Safety Month is a poignant reminder of the work that needs to be done in order to eradicate this trend,” federal assistant transport minister Carol Brown says.

“The federal government is taking this issue seriously, we’re committed to Vision Zero—that is zero deaths and serious injuries due to road crashes by 2050.

“In December last year, governments across Australia released the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30 setting us on the path to Vision Zero.”

Queensland senator Nita Green says: “Take extra care on our rural roads and keep road safety at the front of your mind not only this September but every time you head out on our regional and remote roads.”

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