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Federal government provides $33.5M Westport project funding

The new funding boost will help complete critical road and rail freight planning ahead of the major port project

The federal government has announced it will hand down $33.5 million in funding to help boost the Western Australian Westport project.

The Westport project plans to shift WA’s container trade from Fremantle to a new port in Kwinana.

Federal transport and infrastructure minister Catherine King announced the funding in a press conference this week, with the Westport project to follow WA’s Metronet rail venture.

“Westport is a critically important project for Western Australia and something that’s been discussed with the WA government since I took over this portfolio,” King says.

“We’re starting to look at the next big construction projects in WA, and Westport will be it courtesy of a $33.5 million federal investment.

“The funding will help complete the land transport planning to ensure that when construction begins on the port, the roads and rail are ready to begin delivering freight.”

King says Westport will be a “transformational project” for WA, with the funding providing a clear pipeline for the state’s construction industry to plan for the future.

“The Prime Minister has also announced $90 million in funding for TAFE construction courses,” King says.

“For any young women looking for a career in construction, we want to provide fee-free TAFE so that there’s no barriers to participating in a magnificent industry.”

WA transport minister Rita Saffioti says the genuine partnership the state has with the federal government will ensure key infrastructure projects are allowed to flourish.

“WA is an economic powerhouse, and our infrastructure is important to that,” Saffioti says.

“Westport is a major project – lots of planning has been undertaken and we’ve already announced the preferred location and style of port, so now we’re completing road, rail and intermodal planning.

“This partnership helps us with future investment decisions. We’re excited for what lay ahead in transforming the Kwinana district and reforming Fremantle’s port region too.”

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