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Farmer truck protest hits Melbourne

A convoy of trucks descended on Melbourne yesterday to protest a transmitter tower construction project

Yesterday a truck convoy consisting of roughly 20 trucks headed to the Melbourne CBD as part of a protest against construction plans.

The convoy was part of a protest against plans for transmitter towers being built on farmlands in Victoria.

The trucks slowed to 40km per hour when reaching the West Gate Bridge, with the convoy of regional Victorian farmers and their families kicking off on social media yesterday.

The post called on protesters to “make a stand” as part of the “stop the towers tractor rally”.

“Today, we step on the steps of parliament and tell them we will stop the towers,” the post says.

“Bring your signs, banners and loud voices.”

The trucks began their voyage from Ballan, with the protest three years in the making as the Regional Victoria Power Alliance has been voicing its disapproval of the transmission project for that time.

The alliance yesterday joined communities affected by the proposed transmission line interconnector between Victoria and NSW.

“The proposed transmission project will carve a 100m wide path of environmental destruction over pristine agricultural and bush land destroying highly productive food bowls and decimating important environmental protection areas,” the alliance says.

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