Look for new models at Brisbane Truck Show

Take a look at the truck models you should be paying attention to at this year's Brisbane Truck Show

By Gary Worrall | April 4, 2011

The advent of ADR 80/03 regulations mandating a new level of pollution reduction is proving a real boon for the Brisbane Truck Show, with manufacturers revisiting their ranges to ensure they are compatible with the modern age.

While for some a gentle massage of the 2010 specification was sufficient, other manufacturers saw an opportunity to revamp the range and present buyers with extra reasons to update their vehicles.

Among these is UD Trucks. The Japanese manufacturer is making the jump to Euro 5 compliance and using Brisbane for the Australian launch of the all-new MK and PK medium-duty models.

Western Star is showing off new models at the show, including redesigned cabs to allow for larger cooling packages. Western Star Trucks Australia marketing manager Pat Cook says the key elements and ergonomics that drivers look for in a Western Star are still present in every model.

Another Japanese manufacturer using Brisbane for an Australian launch is Hino, with a pair of the new 300 Series light duty trucks arriving to give visitors a peek into the future.

Hino is also highlighting its move to Euro 5 compliance with its big trucks, while the sensational new J07E five-cylinder engine will certainly catch the attention of medium duty truck buyers.

A brief test of this engine shows that it breathes better than many Hino engines before it, with a strong midrange torque output that blends seamlessly with the revised gear ratios for excellent in-gear acceleration.

Also helping in this regard is the revised EGR emission control technology, with the temperature gauge refusing to budge despite a mix of urban, highway and hillclimbing on the test loop.

Bringing the big numbers to Brisbane is Scania, with the much-anticipated R730 prime mover showcasing what is currently the world’s most powerful production on-highway truck.

Using SCR emission control technology, the V8-powered Swedish monster also tops the torque charts at 3500Nm. There will be plenty of questions asked about its on-road performance when it hits the highway after the show.

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