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End of truck curfew a big win for drivers: Hayden

WA MP says government decision to scrap road train curfew in the Swan Valley is a great win for truck drivers

October 14, 2011

The West Australian MP who pushed for an end to a road train curfew in the Swan Valley says the government’s decision to permanently lift is a great win for truck drivers.

Alyssa Hayden, who represents the seat of East Metropolitan Region, says the end of the curfew will make life easier and safer for many truck drivers and reduce congestion on the Great Northern Highway through the Swan Valley.

She says drivers will no longer need to break down their loads at Apple Street and make three trips to get their trailers to their destination.

“Since my first truck run back in 2009, I have been pushing for better services and facilities for WA truck drivers. The lifting of the curfew is a nice big tick to the long list of changes I have on my wish list,” Hayden says.

“After many months of community and industry consultation, I am confident that the right decision has been made for all those involved.”

Transport Minister Troy Buswell this week scrapped the weekend curfew on road trains between travelling through the Swan Valley.

Under the curfew, road trains from 30 metres long up to 36.5 metres were banned from travelling along the highway through the Swan Valley between 9am and 6pm on weekends and public holidays. Livestock operators were exempt.

“Prior to the trial, vehicles would have to wait for the expiry of the weekend curfew before they could move in road train configuration, otherwise they would have to move single trailers, which meant they had to break-up or assemble road trains at Apple Street,” he says.

“This effectively increased the number of heavy vehicle movements through the Swan Valley, in some cases from one to three, and created unnecessary traffic congestion along the highway.”

Buswell has also lifted the curfew on oversized loads between 7.5 metres and 8.5 metres in width.

“These moves were previously only allowed on weekends, but those which do not require overhead power lines to be lifted will now be allowed from Monday to Thursday between 10am and 2pm to ease the congestion over the weekend,” he says.

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