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Echuca Rural Transport’s inventive monitoring system

Added outdoor cameras allow the driver to keep an eye on the livestock


Although the livestock transportation sector isn’t obligated to monitor stock with cameras, Echuca Rural Transport decided to install an inventive camera system to monitor livestock while on the move.

Owner Brendan Randall says the idea behind installing additional cameras in his new MAN TGS 35 540 was to ensure peace of mind for both drivers and clients when dealing with high value loads.

The MAN features a 32ft tray and 24ft trailer, and a range of Polaris outdoor cameras were added to the truck and trailer, monitoring each pen and sending a live feed to the driver.

“The whole idea of the camera system basically came because most new cars you buy have front and rear cameras and I thought, ‘well why not put a camera in each one of the pens so you can fully observe what’s going on?’

“With this system, accidents should be completely eliminated over using traditional observations on rest breaks or when refuelling.

“It can be a big gap between checks; it mightn’t be for five or so hours.”

Despite adding the cameras and in turn providing a safer transport solution to the livestock industry, Brendan says the cost of the service hasn’t changed.

“The cost is the same, but it’s peace of mind and if the livestock is transported with me, there is more security.”

The risk of driver distraction is a concern with mobile phones and technology added to modern trucks, but Brendan insists the live monitoring system is much like looking in your mirrors.

“The cameras are angled so that as soon as you look to the left mirror you spot them as you glance across.

“I don’t think it’s a distraction, you know your best times to look at it.

“When you’re travelling through towns you won’t be looking at it.”

The idea was based on Randall’s plan to combine his knowledge of logistics and livestock transportation.

“The livestock industry has been fine for years and years without this system.

“It just leads to a greater chance to find anything that goes wrong and fix it.

“The livestock prices at the moment are just through the roof, and if you’re carting stud stock, you could have hundreds of thousands of dollars there.”

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