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Eaton unveils low-voltage components for commercial vehicles

The range can be integrated into a vehicle’s existing architecture based on customer demands

Power management company Eaton unveiled its new range of low-voltage electrical components recently.

The products fulfil growing power and control requirements, including conversion, protection and distribution for commercial vehicles and off-highway applications, the company states.

The technologies are designed for multiple segments, including commercial vehicles as well as military, construction and agriculture applications.

“We make it easy for customers by offering a full line of low-voltage electric technologies,” Eaton’s eMobility North America VP and GM Pratik Trivedi says.

“There are competitors that provide those products individually, but we supply a full line of commercial vehicle and off-highway electrical solutions.”

Eaton’s lightweight, low-voltage technologies are designed to withstand harsh environments.

The customisable portfolio can be easily integrated into a vehicle’s existing architecture based on customer demands.

Eaton’s electrified components make transitioning from hydraulics to electronics easy.

For example, if a high-volume seeder that requires 56 volts is joined with a 12-volt architecture, Eaton’s DC-DC power conversion​ circuit protection box steps up the power from the tractor to 56 volts to operate the seeder, all while eliminating the traditional tangle of hydraulic lines.

Eaton’s line of OMNEX Trusted Wireless mobile control solutions for heavy machinery and field operations provide a greater degree of on-site safety and efficiency.

The wireless controllers operate heavy machinery, such as vacuum trucks, tow trucks, concrete mixers and cranes.

Remote operation provides several benefits, including reducing the amount of personnel on-site and keeping workers out of harm’s way.

“We offer intelligent features that differentiate us from competitors,” Trivedi says.

“Our electrical products are designed to work together to provide a systems solution for our customers.”

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