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Drake Trailers shows off first-of-its-kind tilt slide trailer at BTS

Drake Trailers shows off ‘first-of-its-kind’ tilt slide trailer at BTS


Drake Trailers has shown off its new tilt slide trailer at the Brisbane Truck Show, an extendable, deck-widening trailer built to carry up to 40 tonnes. 

The Brisbane-based manufacturer is showing off a top-end model of the trailer built for Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire, who was looking to begin shifting buses and required a trailer that could extend to such lengths.

Drake Trailers’ business development manager Sam Drake says the trailer is the only one of its kind to extend to 4.8 metres and took approximately three months to put together, from order to completion.

“The trailer is a 50-foot extendable, widening super tilt trailer,” Drake says. “It extends out by 4.8 metres. No other trailer on the market extends that long and it’s a deck-widening trailer that can carry things that are 2.5 metres wide, and out to 3.2 metres wide.

“The idea behind this piece of equipment is versatility. It caters for long and extended oversize loads, standard drop deck loads, indivisible loads, recovery work, and general heavy haulage equipment.

“It’s got 7.5 degrees through to 16 degrees loading angle and BPW airbags in axle suspension.”

Made from high-tensile quench and tempered steel, the trailer boasts 3×4 and 4×4 configurations and an electronic braking system that includes roll stability and ABS.

The trailer can haul loads heavier than the 20-tonne legal limit, with off-road possibilities of 35 to 40-tonne.

Every function of the trailer, including three 20,000-pound winches, can be controlled remotely.

“[The driver] can do everything, engage the PTO, then run the deck-widening functions and all the winches, all from the remote.”

The model on display is the first of the range to be built by Drake Trailers, which has been building customised trailers since 1958. 

Manufactured based on a client’s needs, the tilt slide trailer can also include lockable toolboxes, rope rails and a semi-concealed water tank under the top deck.

“The point of difference between us and our competitors is we have been in the business for over 50 years, bringing generations of tried and tested designs and quality to our customers,” Drake says. “We are wholeheartedly family-owned, and Australian-made, with a massive appetite for innovation and growth.”

The starting price for the trailer’s base model is $230,000 plus GST, but top-of the-line models with both deck-widening and extending capabilities are around $270,000 plus GST.

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