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DP World announces new global freight forwarding network

DP World continues opening offices as it expands its freight forwarding capabilities in the port and logistics sector

International port company DP World has launched a new global freight forwarding network after inaugurating the latest in a string of more than 100 freight forwarding offices around the world.

The openings mark a significant expansion aimed at supporting customers navigating the complexities of global trade.

In response to increasing disruptions to global trade, whether it be due to climate, geopolitical or macroeconomic challenges, DP World is embarking on an initiative to bolster its commitment to its customers.

DP World’s offices already employ 1,000 staff, adding to DP World’s 108,000-strong team, with DP World expecting this to grow significantly over the next year to help move more than 10 per cent of annual global trade.

These trade challenges are leading businesses to prioritise dynamic strategies to build supply chain resilience, with freight forwarding becoming a viable offering for DP World.

DP World group chief commercial officer of logistics Beat Simon says DP World’s expansion comes at a pivotal time for the global logistics and supply chain industry as it can deploy a ‘toolbox’ of services or capabilities made up of ports, terminals, warehouses, trucks, rail and shipping services to increase control and resilience.

“Our expansion in freight forwarding complements our end-to-end supply chain solutions and capabilities. Our asset – appropriate approach is a step-change for the freight forwarding industry that puts customers in the driving seat with more visibility and control and giving them confidence to trade in today’s global market,” Simon says.

“As we continue to grow our freight forwarding footprint, we are building a network that will cover more than 90 per cent of global trade. We are focused on densifying our network as we build a best-in-class, strong and resilient global capability.”

Miami is the latest officev to open its doors as DP World builds on its end-to-end network of high-value port assets and specialist expertise across the port and transport sectors.

The growing freight forwarding service spans order and origin management, port handling and freight management for ocean and air, as well as at-destination services including customs, drayage, logistics, last-mile delivery, deconsolidation and bonded warehousing services.

“Our freight forwarding service uses our proprietary digital technology solutions to simplify global trade for our customers and give them more control. However, it’s not just our digital solutions that offer a next-gen freight forwarding service: our people are foundational to our customers’ success. We employ over 1,000 team members and will continue to grow,” DP World commercial freight forwarding vice president Marco Nazzari says.

“Leveraging an asset-appropriate approach, DP World utilises its digital tools, alongside the expertise and local know-how of its team, to make freight forwarding easier and more resilient from end to end.”

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