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DP World acknowledges further industrial action

DP World has responded to recent industrial action at its logistics operations, calling for unions to help find an amicable resolution

Logistics company DP World has released a statement acknowledging the CFMEU-MUA Division’s announcement of further industrial action.

The ongoing protected industrial action undertaken by the CFMEU-MUA Division has already had significant operational consequences, notably affecting exporters and importers across all DP World terminals. This has caused disruptions to berthing arrangements and adversely impacted landside services, including both road and rail.

DP World is actively looking into alternatives to ensure that vessels are serviced efficiently to maintain scheduling commitments.

Since the bans initiated by the CFMEU-MUA Division on October 6, there has been a considerable strain on the supply chain; jeopardising service efficiency and having cascading effects on DP World customers and the Australian households at large. 

DP World says it has consistently approached the negotiation table with goodwill. Over the past six months of Enterprise Bargaining, it says it has shown flexibility, making concessions where appropriate.

“However, the CFMEU-MUA Division’s position remains largely inflexible,” DP World says.

“Their tactics, which include threats of litigation, do not foster a conducive environment for agreement.

“Our attempts to move forward in the EBA negotiations have been met with resistance. Our recent meetings with the MUA on the September 27 and 28 saw little advancement, a situation we find disheartening.”

Although further discussions are scheduled for October 17 to 19, they are conditional upon the CFMEU-MUA Division ceasing its protected industrial actions.

“Not only has the Union declined this prerequisite, but they have also declared an intensification of bans and work disruptions effective from October 15,” DP World says.

“The stance of the CFMEU-MUA Division seems clear: their demand for acceptance of all their claims, which would inflict significant financial damage on our business, affecting our clientele, the Australian supply chain and ultimately the Australian public. 

“We urge the CFMEU-MUA Division to reconsider its approach, engage constructively, and prioritise outcomes that benefit not just their members, but the wider Australian community. While we respect the right to industrial action, its current trajectory will, regrettably, only harm our workers through lost wages and impact the wider community through service disruptions.

“We remain dedicated to finding a resolution and are available to meet in the suggested timeframes. However, for the sake of constructive dialogue, we hope the CFMEU-MUA Division will reconsider its decision and suspend any planned industrial action during the negotiation period.

“Our commitment remains to serve the Australian public and ensure that disruptions are minimised.”

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