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Dnata opens new cargo facility in Adelaide

New 1,500sqm airport facility can handle up to 80 tonnes of cargo per day


Dnata unveiled a new cargo facility at the Adelaide airport on Monday with an aim to tap into the increasing export and import business in South Australia.

The new 1,500sqm airside facility was developed from a former cold storage facility and is built to handle up to 80 tonnes of cargo per day.

“The facility has the ability to provide faster cargo handling, is fully OTS [Operator Training Simulator] and TSA [Transportation Security Administration] accredited for security screening, and includes refrigerated and ambient temperature product options,” the company states.

“The insulation in the walls of the storage facility is nearly 25cm in width, ensuring the temperature within the general area of the facility remains between 15-25 degrees Celsius, while the freezer rooms are able to hold cargo at as low as minus 18 degrees.”

The facility meets with Australia’s customs, quarantine and transport security regulations.

It is Dnata’s fourth largest facility among those in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin, the company states.

Dnata earlier operated a 400sqm cargo facility, which also included interstate trucking services, located out of Adelaide’s airport precinct.

The investment into a new airside facility is the result of customer demands and the company’s commitment to grow its business, Dnata Australia CEO Daniela Marsilli says.

“Our customers have been calling for an airside facility and we are pleased to be able to meet this need,” Marsilli says.

“It has been a significant investment for us and we are committed to growing our business in Adelaide by opening this tailor-made, expansive airside facility.”

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