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Directed Technologies opens new global vehicle and technology hub in Australia

In a grand opening this morning, Directed Technologies has launched its $15m Connected Mobility Innovation Centre to place itself at the forefront of Australian vehicle technology

In Melbourne this morning, Directed Technologies has officially opened its $15m Connected Mobility Innovation Centre, set to fuel the rapid growth of connected vehicle technology and IoT solutions that save lives, reduce emissions and enhance productivity.

The centre will advance Australia’s capabilities in next generation fleet vehicle digitisation and electrification while providing a foundation for Directed Technologies to scale its APAC class-leading solutions to global markets.


A Victorian-owned and operated company, Directed Technologies is known for its cutting-edge factory-fit connected solutions for a variety of fleet and passenger vehicles including trucks, trailers, cars, motorbikes and electric delivery vehicles.

The Connected Mobility Innovation Centre currently manages 200 terabytes of data, processing 20 billion probe data points a day, including live video feeds, vehicle and driver behaviour alerts and efficiency measures and vehicle fault codes.

It provides customers with a live view and advanced analytical insights of their people, vehicles and assets across the global road network to support fleet optimisation and driver assistance programs that reduce congestion, cut carbon emissions through fuel savings and, most importantly, save lives.


The new Connected Mobility Innovation Centre will double Directed Technologies’ local manufacturing capabilities in both telematics and IoT, allowing it to meet an ever-increasing demand for its high-tech products.

The company’s telematics devices, manufactured locally, are already used in more than 2,500 vehicle fleets globally, including Australia Post and Ambulance Victoria, as well as leading truck brands like HINO, Mercedes-Benz, Kenworth, DAF, and IVECO. Directed Technologies has also been selected by renowned brands like Ford to export locally designed hardware solutions to the global passenger vehicle market.


The company has seen rapid growth in Australia and New Zealand, with the homegrown technology now exported throughout 15 APAC countries including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Guam, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Backed in part by the Victorian Jobs and Investment Fund, the $15m dollar state-of-the-art centre will place Victoria at the centre of global connected vehicle opportunities, driving the growth of digital skills and manufacturing capability by providing hundreds of jobs for high-skilled workers across design, production, engineering and manufacturing.

“You don’t need to look to the Silicon Valley or Europe for cutting edge automotive technology,” Directed Group CEO Steve Siolis says.


“The idea that we don’t make great technology products in Australia is simply not true. We’ve built a world-class facility and developed innovative solutions for the world’s biggest transport companies that have allowed us to compete against global competitors – and win.

“This facility is the only one of its kind nationally and one of the few full-stack solution centres of its kind globally. With all telematics solutions designed and built right here on site, there will be significant local employment opportunities as we scale around the globe.”

Directed Technologies executive director Brent Stafford says:”The reinvigoration of the automotive industry in Victoria is accelerating with data-driven solutions along with innovations in electric and hydrogen vehicle development and advanced materials manufacturing.”

“The opportunities in connectivity, data analytics and machine learning are right here on our doorstep and will help to diversify the economy but will also solidify Victoria’s position as the centre of automotive manufacturing in Australia.”

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