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Despite ‘barrage of negativity’, Gillard will prevail

Julia Gillard will prevail in convincing the public on the need for a carbon tax, former NSW Premier Bob Carr believes

By Brad Gardner | July 7, 2011

The former NSW Premier, Bob Carr, has banked on Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s ability to win public support for a carbon tax despite the “barrage of negativity” she has endured.

Carr says the release of the carbon tax package and subsequent legislation will shift the debate, which has so far been dominated by Opposition claims that a tax will lead to economic ruin.

He says most Australians accept human activity is causing climate change and that Gillard can persuade the public a carbon tax is a necessary response.

“With a specific proposal at last before the Parliament and before the people, not speculation, the debate will suddenly have focus,” Carr told public transport advocates at a summit in Canberra yesterday.

“I look forward to the passage of the legislation. That is going to give us clarity.”

The longest-serving premier of NSW took a swipe at Opposition leader Tony Abbott, who has roamed the countryside warning businesses and individuals of bleak times ahead should a carbon tax be introduced.

“None of the horrific things that Tony Abbott has predicted will come about. There won’t be a spike in the price of Corn Flakes. Life will go on as before, but all of a sudden there will be ribbon cuttings for clean, green energy projects,” Carr says.

“If we get this right we are going to speed up the transition to new and cleaner ways of running our economy.”

Gillard will reveal the carbon tax package in an address to the nation on Sunday. Legislation is due to be introduced in Parliament this year, with the tax beginning on July 1, 2012.

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