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Demise of domestic car manufacturing doesnt faze PoMC

Port of Melbourne Corporation doesn’t expect the decline of car manufacturing in Australia to have significant effect on it's automotive trade plans


An increase in car imports is expected to offset any impact the decline of domestic car manufacturing will have on the automotive trade at the Port of Melbourne.

Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) Communications Manager Brian Wilson says he does not expect Ford’s, Holden’s and Toyota’s decision to cease manufacturing in Australia to have a significant effect on the port’s automotive trade plans.

The port’s Webb Dock is currently being reconfigured as part of the $1.6 billion Port Capacity Project, which will involve the construction of a new automotive facility on the western side of the dock for vehicle export and imports.

PoMC plans to handle around 600,000 vehicles at Webb Dock by 2025, with that capacity growing to one million by 2040. Much of the growth is expected to come from imports.

“They’ll be driven by domestic growth and that’s growth with stronger import buyers,” Wilson says

“Nonetheless, the project itself is largely unaffected because it was about providing for future capacity.”

Wilson says the consolidation of the automotive trade at Webb Dock will meet expected the growth in the number of cars.

The Port Capacity Project will also return Webb Dock to its original role as a container handling facility. PoMC aims for the dock to handle at least one million containers annually.

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