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Decision on M2 toll in Sydney wins IPA support

IPA welcomes government decision to change tolling on Sydney motorway, but adds that more reform is needed

July 19, 2011

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA) has welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement to move to cashless tolling on the Hills M2 Motorway, saying it marks the next step toward an integrated motorway network for Sydney.

IPA CEO Brendan Lyon says cashless tolling will mean a faster journey for thousands of motorists who will no longer have to stop as they approach the toll booths every day.

“Together with the widening, the move to cashless tolling will significantly increase the capacity and reduce journey times for commuters, public transport and freight on the M2 Motorway,” he says.

“But with Sydney’s worsening congestion, we need to continually look to new opportunities to deal with congestion.

“After the conversion of the M2, there are only two motorways in Sydney with cash tolling. While Sydney has got the most evolved motorway network in the country, there are considerable advances to be made in modernising and integrating the management and operation of the network.”

Lyon believes systematic tolling reform across Sydney’s is needed to reduce what he says is an inequitable burden on commuters in the north-west.

“It would also allow Sydney to give real consideration to time of day tolling, with proceeds dedicated to public transport and the $25 billion in missing motorways across Sydney,” he says.

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