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DCARB hydrogen solution receives Accelerator Program funding

DCARB’s latest achievement will see it conduct trials on its hydrogen producing technology over the next five months

Global hydrogen solution company DCARB has announced it’s been selected as one of 32 finalists for the 100+ Accelerator Program. 

The selection will see DCARB receive up to USD$100,000 to conduct a fully funded trial of its D100 technology in Singapore. 

DCARB plans to begin the trial this month and aims to showcase the unit’s effectiveness in achieving lower emissions, generating fuel savings and reducing maintenance downtime through the trial. 

“Our partner for the trial is The Coca-Cola Company, and we are thankful for their trust in our technology to support their journey for greener logistics,” DCARB chief business development officer Indika Liyanage says. 

“We expect the pilot to last approximately five months and generate invaluable data to validate our claims of the D100 unit to The Coca Cola Company and the program partners.” 

The compact D100 unit, which converts stored water into hydrogen and oxygen on demand, was selected in the final 32 from a pool of more than 2,100 applicants. 

DCARB says the milestone validates the technology and underscores its commitment to innovation and sustainability through the decarbonisation of major industries. 

“I am so proud of the DCARB team for all their efforts over the past several years developing the D100 unit,” DCARB CEO and managing director Linton Burns says. 

“Over the past months we have made significant progress in our commercialisation efforts, having signed several new customers and appointed distributors in major markets across Southeast Asia and North America. 

“Being selected as a finalist of this program will help give those efforts an enormous boost.” 

DCARB says it’s hopeful the trial will strengthen its rank in the green energy market and position the company to commercialise the D100 product. 

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