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Dakar Rally top ten powered by Allison Transmissions

In the recent Dakar Rally, Allison Transmissions helped boost the elite truck teams that finished in this year's top 10

Allison Transmissions recently helped provide quality gear changes that helped boost the top 10 of the Dakar Rally to the top of the leaderboard.

Through the sand, the heat and the tough terrain of the 8,549km 2023 Dakar Rally the trucks from Team De Rooy pushed on relentlessly as part of their mission to bring home a win.

Truck number #502, driven by Janus van Kasteran, Marcel Snijders and Darek Rodewald, completed that mission in first place for the Team De Rooy, followed by truck #506 driven by Martin van den Brink in third and #511 driven by his son Mitchel in fourth.

Just like all of the top 10 finishing trucks to compete in this years rally along the shores of the Red Sea across Saudi Arabia and into Dammam, Team De Rooy’s vehicles were all fitted with Allison Transmissions.

Team captain and owner Gerard De Rooy, said the transmissions played a big part in the reliability of the vehicles and their abilty to keep powering through the 15 day event.

“This Dakar was one of the toughest ones I remember and one with many surprises,” De Rooy says.

“With the Allison fully automatic transmission the teams were able to drive full speed and with full power to the wheels through the toughest terrains.”

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 Sjored Vos, Allison Transmissions’ director of marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, says the business has been involved with the rally for many years, working alongside its authorised distributors including Drive Line Systems in the Netherlands and NIMDA in the Czech Republic.

“Allison is proud to provide Dakar competitors with robust fully automatic transmissions that deliver superior reliability, maneuverability, acceleration and industry-leading performance,” Vos says.

“There’s no motorsport rally more demanding than Dakar, and Allison automatic transmissions once again demonstrated their proven ability to perform in a variety of demanding conditions, including steep hills, sand dunes and soft ground”.

Allison Transmissions draw on a range of patented technologies to produce their award winning results include a torque convertor that smoothly multiplies engine torque, “delivering more power to the wheels for faster acceleration and greater manueverability, specifically on sandy and muddy terrain”.

It’s trademarked Continuous Power Technology is another factor, enabling the transmission to automatically shift at the right time by taking into account payload, surface grip and grade. It means no loss of power or speed when changing gears.

The retarder built into the transmission package is another highlight, designed to help the trucks slow down with less reliance on the braking system.

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