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Daimler Truck “applauds” new AVAS ADR for zero-emissions trucks

Daimler Truck has welcomed the new AVAS regulation, but says consumers should be wary of safety systems on smaller electric truck models

Daimler Truck has “applauded” the new Australian Design Rule (ADR) announced for a zero-emissions truck safety feature, but says pedestrians still need more protection.

The federal government has mandated Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) for zero-emissions trucks, buses and cars. The systems emit sounds to alert pedestrians for zero-emissions vehicles introduced from November 2025 that are often quieter.

Daimler Truck’s Fuso eCanter has had the system included since it launched in 2021 and it is standard on the next-generation eCanter, the new Mercedes-Benz eActros and eEconic that are being launched later this month.

“We thank the Australian government for ensuring manufacturers do the right thing and include the audible AVAS system, but pedestrians need more protection than that,” Daimler Truck Australia Pacific president and CEO Daniel Whitehead says.

Image: Daimler Truck Australia Pacific

“All our electric trucks feature radar systems that can automatically stop the truck for pedestrians in harm’s way in front of the truck and even down the left side of the vehicle.

“Many of our competitors, especially in the small electric truck space, don’t even offer this as an option. Whether they just don’t have the capability to offer this advanced technology or they are just saving money, the end result is that they don’t have it.”

Daimler Truck sales and marketing vice president Andrew Assimo says electric trucks can vary in quality and customers need to be careful.

“Customers need to think carefully about all the details when they come to purchase an electric truck and that goes beyond safety features,” Assimo says.

“Will it be supported by an experienced dealership network? Does it have efficient eAxle technology? Has it been locally tested in Australian conditions or did it just roll off a boat?”

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