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Daimler subsidiary opens European R&D centre

Daimler will work with Torc to bring autonomous trucks to long-haul trucking within the decade

Daimler Truck independent subsidiary Torc Robotics is opening a technology and software development centre in Stuttgart, Germany.

The centre will allow Torc Robotics to continue developing autonomous trucks for the United States and facilitate an easier deployment for the company.

Torc will use the talent available in one of Germany’s prime truck-making regions to help develop Level 4 autonomous virtual driver technology for deployment in autonomous trucks throughout the US.

Torc is already regarded as a leader in SAE Level 4 self-driving vehicle software for heavy-duty vehicles and will look to further expand its capabilities in one of Germany’s more popular automotive development regions.

Torc Europe is an independent entity and a 100 per cent subsidiary of Torc, with an office located in Stuttgart near an existing Daimler Truck R&D facility, while also not far from the Daimler Truck headquarters.

Torc Europe is hiring software engineers, data scientists and architects in the areas of systems, safety, validation and product development to continue developing autonomous heavy vehicle technology.

“Torc is working closely with Daimler Truck to optimise the entire product stack including the virtual driver, sensing and computer hardware, and the redundant chassis to be the first company to launch a scalable and profitable self-driving product,” Torc founder and CEO Michael Fleming says.

“Torc’s Stuttgart technology and software development centre will leverage the deep automotive and trucking technical and product expertise to make this a reality.”

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The 18,000 square-foot technology centre also has an additional 12,000 square feet that will be used as a workshop.

Torc will rely on its partnership with Daimler Truck, who heavily invested in the robotics company in 2019, to continue improving its driverless technology for heavy vehicles.

“Collaboration thrives because of the partnership with Daimler Truck,” Torc VP of Engineering Mike Avitabile says.

“Combining Daimler Truck’s experience with Torc’s expertise in automated vehicle software and automated truck systems will help accelerate bringing our product to market.”

Both Torc and Daimler are collaboratively pursuing a goal to bring autonomous trucks for long-haul trucking to the roads within the decade.

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