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DAF truck earns drivers choice award

The XF 450 earned the major vehicle manufacturer the highly renowned top prize for truck performance

German magazine Truck & Trailer Welt has awarded its most prestigious prize to DAF’s XF 450.

It was voted as the best truck of the year by the readers, comprised of owners, operators and drivers, earning the ‘Drivers Choice’ award.

Voters said that the XF outperformed its competition due to its low operating costs. It had been previously voted the ‘International Truck of the Year’ in 2022.

The European Truck Challenge 2023 (ETC) gave drivers the chance to test drive the vehicle, along with many other well-esteemed trucks.

Truck & Trailer Welt editor-in-chief Philipp Bonders congratulates the company on earning the award.

“Throughout the European Truck Challenge 2023, one tractor unit in particular consistently impressed the ETC test drivers: the New Generation DAF XF 450,” he says.

“In the test, no other cab offered more comfort, better equipment or a more attractive design. The DAF XF 450 was duly rewarded with the highest score in the driver rankings, resulting in the ETC Drivers Choice award for 2023.”

Truck & Trailer Welt editor Hans-Jürgen Wildhage was one of the people who got the chance to drive the truck in testing, and holds plenty of praise for the vehicle.

“In addition, with the current fuel prices, the DAF XF 450 proved to be the most cost-efficient truck thanks to its very low combined fuel and AdBlue consumption,” he says.

“The smoothness the DAF XF 450 displayed while driving over the demanding ETC test route, including the mountain roads, was also impressive.

“I particularly liked the smooth running of the engine. And when it comes to fuel consumption when rolling on individual sections of the comparison test route, the Dutchman is clearly ahead of the competition.”

DAF board member Bart Bosmans graciously accepted the award and thanks the voters for nominating the XF.

“We are extremely honoured to have received both the ‘Drivers Choice’ award and recognition for the lowest operating costs,” he says.

“Together with the XD, XG and XG+ series, the New Generation XF embodies both the driver’s dream and the owner’s delight.

“The cab is spacious, luxurious and comfortable and offers an unprecedented direct view, resulting in the best working space for any driver. In addition, the trucks run at the lowest operating costs.”

The Scania 420 R with a Super-based powertrain also won an award as the most fuel-efficient truck in the ETC.

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