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CVIAA at tipping point as it calls for J4 code clarity

The CVIAA wants to hear advice from the NHVR to ease anxiety about the upcoming J4 tipper code

The Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Australia (CVIAA), the heavy vehicle division within the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA), has called for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to urgently provide direct advice to industry regarding how it will implement the J4 tipper code.

MTAA CEO Geoff Gwilym says the looming J4 tipper body design code deadline has led to confusion and anxiety among Australian members.

“CVIAA was the first to inform NHVR of the industry’s concerns related to the tipper stability calculations – considered overly complex and difficult to meet the prescribed standards,” Gwilym says.

“It has been CVIAA’s long-standing position that the NHVR should move the J4 tipper body design code stability calculations into a Vehicle Standard Guide (VSG) and that it should not be a part of VSB 6. It is worth noting that the stability calculations only affect modified heavy vehicles (not OEM tippers, prime movers, semi-trailers or dog trailers).”

Gwilym says the CVIAA understands the NHVR may be working through industry feedback, but as the February extension date looms, he wants the industry to know what to expect regarding their obligations.

“With only two weeks left before the new year, an announcement before the Christmas shutdown would be most welcome. At the very least, the industry calls for an extension beyond the current February 2024 date,” Gwilym says.

“Direct advice from the NHVR will ease uncertainty and help our industry partners get safer heavy vehicles back on the road.”

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