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Cummins buys electric drivetrains group

Silicon Valley-based Efficient Drivetrains will give Cummins a springboard into new markets,


Engine builder Cummins will acquire a Silicon Valley-based drivetrains company which it says will help it become a leader in electrified power.

Efficient Drivetrains (EDI) designs and produces hybrid and fully-electric power solutions for commercial markets – with some having travelled more than six million miles across the United States and China in a fleet setting.

Cummins says EDI’s hybrid system is the most versatile on the market today, able to switch, in real time, between fully electric, series and parallel modes.

Cummins said the EDI’s diverse customer base would give it a springboard into electrified markets, helping it grow market share in the segment more quickly.

While it started building its electrification abilities more than a decade ago, Cummins ramped up its involvement over the past nine months, acquiring UK-based Johnson Matthey Battery Systems and North America-based Brammo.

Cummins chairman Tom Linebarger says his company is committed to innovations that will deliver the right power solutions for the right applications at the right time.

“This acquisition will combine EDI’s talented workforce and electrification capabilities with Cummins’ expertise in developing and manufacturing the technologies that power the world,” he says.

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EDI chairman and CEO Joerg Ferchau says the combination of the two companies presents a “tremendous opportunity for growth and category leadership.”

“Vehicle original equipment manufacturers and fleets evaluating new electric and hybrid technologies prefer to work with well-established companies that have the depth and resources to provide the support that’s needed to scale into high volume mass production,” he says.

“Together, we can lead the electrification category, and provide exciting new options that the market will embrace.”

The deal is expected to be concluded by October this year.

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