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Cummins announces new X10 engine

Cummins has announced its next member of its diesel engine range to be released in 2026

Global brand Cummins has announced it will launch the next engine in its fuel-agnostic series in the X10 in North America in 2026.

The engine will be the next part of the X engine family and is set to replace the L9 and the X12 in terms of its versatility over the medium and heavy-duty markets.

Cummins says the X10 will be compliant with US 2027 regulations a year early, with the diesel version to be made first available before other versions are released later.

This 10-litre versions fits into Cummins’ product portfolio alongside the B6.7 and the X15 models and can be used in the transit, regional haul and delivery sectors.

“We’re committed to advancing diesel technology while our markets and customers need it to run their businesses,” Cummins North America on-highway executive director Jose Samperio says.

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“The new X10 has been designed drawing on our decades of experience as a leader in the medium and heavy-duty space.

“We’ve applied those learnings to ensure the product will perform for our customers and the important jobs they need to do every time.”

Cummins says the X10 is extremely versatile, with its diesel version remaining a critical technology for the market for years to come.

The engine will become globally available after first launching in Europe and North America.

The X10 will fit with many different types of transmissions and the X10 diesel will emit 75 per cent less emissions than required by its launch in 2026.

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