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CRT Group awarded for safety systems

CRT Group recognised for safety and environment systems, winning National Safety Award

<b.October 12, 2009

Melbourne-based logistics operator CRT Group has been awarded for its safety and environment systems.

The company took out the overall Award for Excellence in occupational health and safety at the National Safety Awards after winning the transport and logistics category.

The award honours best practice in safety and environment systems, recognising the company’s strategy across its 12 sites and 300 employees.

Acting CEO David Caruana says the company has made significant investments in the area over the past three years.

The business recently celebrated a continuous period of 19 months without a lost-time-injury, part of a zero-tolerance strategy adopted in 2006.

“To receive these awards is a great honour and is a testament to the dedication, passion and discipline of our team,” says Caruana, acting for Cameron Dunn who recently quit as CEO.

“As a business we have agreed that there would be no short-cuts taken when it comes to safety. In all of our business dealings CRT Group has made safety non-negotiable, to ensure that our customers and staff remain safe. We believe that all injuries are preventable.”

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