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Courier Day raises funds for Beyond Blue

Fastway Couriers’ event supports charity and recognises work load


Delivery network Fastway Couriers has celebrated its inaugural Courier Day event to celebrate the network’s hard work and raise funds for charity.

With support staff from head office and local depots jumping into vans to aid couriers with deliveries, Courier Day will raise money for Beyond Blue’s support services that assist members of the community living with anxiety and depression.

Fastway Couriers CEO Peter Lipinski says the event, which included recognition for long-serving members of the company, was a time to give back.

“Our Courier Day events recognise the incredibly hardworking and dedicated Fastway Courier Franchisees across the country who continually go above and beyond to deliver excellence,” Lipinski says.

“It’s also a great opportunity to acknowledge some of our long serving couriers and franchisees, some of which have now been a part of our network for over 20 years! We’re delighted to congratulate them on this very exciting milestone.”

Decided at that the company’s national conference, Lipinski says the Fastway Couriers “franchisees acknowledged Beyond Blue as a charity they wanted to support.

“Three million Australians are currently living with anxiety or depression and close to eight people commit suicide every day. This is a very real and serious issue facing our society.

“Fastway is very proud to be supporting Beyond Blue on their quest to support those affected by mental illness and equip all Australians with the knowledge and skills to protect their own mental health.”

Courier Day was held in multiple locations across the country.


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