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BTS21: Continental Tyres launches new telematics system

The system covers almost all combinations of heavy vehicles with a maximum of 24 tyres

Continental Tyres has teamed up with telecom solution provider Pacific Telematics to offer a digital transport monitoring system.

The new ContiPressureCheck system, which was launched at the ongoing Brisbane Truck Show, uses sensors fitted inside each tyre to provide drivers with real-time information on the tyre status.

Any irregularity noticed by the driver or fleet manager can be checked and corrected immediately.

The continuous, automatic tyre pressure monitoring system is designed to reduce overall operating costs and results in lower fuel consumption, reduced risk of tyre-related breakdowns and extended tyre life.

The system covers almost all combinations of fitment, from single axle trailers to six axle vehicle configurations with a maximum of 24 tyres.

Powered by Pacific Telematics’ technology, ContiPressureCheck is suitable for tractors, trailers, buses and coaches.

“ContiPressureCheck is the combination of world-leading hardware and proven tyre performance. Its application in the Australian logistics industry through Pacific Telematics will transform how organisations manage transport fleets,” Continental Tyres MD Mitchell Golledge says.

All tyre sensors are mounted on the tyre inner liner inside a rubber housing (tyre sensor container) and continuously measure the tyre pressure and temperature.

An additional receiver can be used to obtain sensor signals in challenging radio frequency conditions.

The trademarked system is quick and easy to install and compatible with all tyre brands.

Mounting inside the tyre guarantees high data accuracy.

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