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Concerns for IAP, as new provider is announced

TCA announces fourth IAP provider, amid claims trucking operators may be 'bombarded' with breaches under the scheme

A fourth Intelligent Access Program (IAP) provider has been announced, amid claims trucking operators may unwittingly be “bombarded” with breaches under the monitoring scheme.

Following a 12-month process to gain accreditation, Transport Compliance Services (TCS) will join three other companies in providing hardware and software for trucking companies wanting to sign up to IAP.

But less than a month from the scheme becoming mandatory for Higher Mass Limits in NSW and Queensland, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has warned operators to make sure they have permits to cover all their routes.

ATA Chairman Trevor Martyn says some operators in NSW mistakenly believe an IAP enrolment takes care of their access issues.

However, Martyn says operators must have permits covering the entire trip or face the prospect of a ‘please explain’ from the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA).

“Trucking operators planning to use IAP need to do an audit of their permits now, to make sure the paperwork is in order for all their routes, including the last mile and even the last few metres to their customers and depots,” ATA Chairman Trevor Martyn says.

“Trucking operators who enrol in IAP and do not go through this process are likely to be bombarded with non-compliant event notices. Some of these may be false, but they will all need to be explained to the RTA.”

The ATA says there must not be any errors in the permits and that companies must gain written approval rather than a verbal agreement to use private roads.

Furthermore, trucking companies are being told to verify they can access desired routes by lodging an IAP confirmation notice with the RTA.

From July 1, operators in Queensland and NSW will be required to comply with IAP to gain HML access, while Victoria has limited the monitoring device to mobile cranes and concrete pump trucks exceeding mass and dimension limits.

TCS joins Transtech Driven, Minorplanet and Omnistar as the only certified providers of IAP, which monitors a truck’s journey via GPS to ensure it does not stray onto a route incapable of supporting heavy vehicles.

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) Chief Executive Chris Koniditsiotis says TCS’ accreditation is good news for trucking operators because they now have more options when choosing a provider.

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