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Commercial vehicle sales roll over mid-year dip

Heavy-duty segment pushes on again as segment figures stay at the high end


If the Reserve Bank is watching commercial vehicle sales, they may tempt it to raise interest rates sooner rather than later.

After the usual end of financial year zig-zag, sales generally have returned above the 3,000 mark, with the 3,263 August total a decade record for the month.

The year-to-date total of 22,990 is also in uncharted territory for the decade, up on the previous high of 21,088 last year, the Truck Industry Council’s (TIC’s) T-Mark figures show.

With what may be a sign of things to come, the new financial year got off to a swift start with August heavy-duty sales, at 1,082, the second highest for the year, beating out May’s 1,014 but under June’s usual high showing, this calendar year of 1,250.

Year-to-date figures are also pleasing, with 7,121 beaten this decade only by 2013’s 7,278.

August saw Kenworth return to form, with 229 being 17 units higher than June, as Volvo, at 168, took a breather from its challenge last month that took it to top place by one unit.

By contrast, medium-duty sales continued to slide from June’s showing, with August’s 610 total 43 units below July and 17 below May.

Year-to –date was 4,585, beaten this decade only by 2010’s 4,667.

Hino held ground on July at 182 but Fuso slumped out of three figures to 72, where it was in March, while MAN is showing some tenacity, at 55, holding above 50 units for the fourth month in a row.

Light-duty trucks also gained traction as the new financial year got underway, with August’s 1.048 the third best showing since January and only 23 units down on May.

Year-on-year, it was a decade record here and the first August in four figures at 1,048. That total has risen by more than 100 units in each of the past three years. And the year-to-date total of 7,423 is its first foray above 7,000 in the decade, up from last year’s 6,814 and the year before’s 6,199

Market leader Isuzu had its second best month for the calendar year at 425, three units up from May, while Fuso and Hino, at 213 and 203, looked to consolidate above the 200 mark they breached in May and June after July’s hiatus.


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