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Climate Group praises latest heavy-duty vehicles emission standards

The Climate Group says the ENVI vote is a “step in the right direction”

The European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) voted its Report on the Revision of Regulation EU 2019/1242 setting CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy-duty vehicles.  

Despite a strong push from the fuels industry, the Environment Committee did not include the so-called “Carbon Correction Factor” (CCF) in their position. 

Under CCF, the quantity of renewable liquid fuels, such as biofuels and e-fuels, in the overall petrol and diesel mix would count towards CO2 reduction targets, de facto lowering the fleet targets that manufacturers must achieve. 

“The EU’s decisionto resist the fossil fuel lobby’s call to allow loopholes for e-fuels and biofuels in CO2 standards for heavy trucks is very welcome,” Climate Group transport director Sandra Roling says. 

Alternative fuels serve only to prolong the life of the combustion engine, and we simply can’t afford that. The decision will give businesses confidence to invest in fully zero emission trucks. 

The Committee also upheld the Commission’s proposed targets of a 45 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions in the period of 2030-2034, and a 90 per cent reduction from 2040.  

However, lawmakers went beyond the Commission’s proposal for the period of 2035 – 2039, amending the figure to 70 per centrather than 65 per cent. 

The targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 45 per cent by 2030, and 70 per cent by 2035 are a step in the right direction – but businesses have called for far more ambitious targets and a complete phase-out of fossil powered trucks, so this is a missed opportunity,” says Roling  

Leading businesses are already committed to this as part of their EV100+ commitment, and greater ambition would have allowed them to transition to clean trucks more quickly.  

Trucks account for just two per cent of EU’s road traffic but more than a quarter of road transport emissions, causing pollution and climate impacts. Switching to zero emission vehicles as fast as possible will have a hugely positive impact on the health of EU citizens and Europe’s climate. 

The report was adopted with 48 votes in favour, 36 against and one abstention. 

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