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CityLink takes aim at overheight vehicles

CityLink tells truck drivers to check the height of their loads to reduce the number of overheight vehicles hitting tunnels

By Ruza Zivkusic | March 30, 2011

Citylink is urging truck drivers to check the height of their load to reduce the number of overheight vehicles hitting tunnels.

Citylink spokesman Pat Wilson says the recent incident of an over-height truck running into the Domain Tunnel is a timely reminder that drivers need to pay attention as the damage caused can be “extensive and dangerous.”

A truck carrying cars hit the top of the tunnel last Friday, delaying traffic for more than an hour.

Its adjustable parts had to be lowered before the truck could be removed.

“The principal cause, which is easily addressed, is drivers not checking the height of their load, particularly when carrying machinery like excavators,” Wilson says.

“They need to ensure the load is a legal height and properly secured, to prevent the bucket arm rising during travel. The amount of damage caused can be extensive and dangerous.

“There is the risk that the truck could not only damage tunnel lights, advisory signals and other equipment but those pieces of equipment from the truck or tunnel could fall on other vehicles or the road.”

Wilson says overheight vehicles can cause up to $100,000 in damage and significant traffic delays of several hours.

Citylink has automatic overheight vehicle detectors stationed before the tunnels. Lights flash when an overheight vehicle is detected to direct the driver to use an exit before the tunnel.

There are also overhead paddles located before the tunnel to alert the driver.

“The solution is simple: drivers need to be aware of the height of their vehicle particularly when carrying equipment and other vehicles,” Wilson says.

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