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China experiences record rail freight volume

The Asian nation is experiencing a rail freight transport boom

Data from the China State Railway Group (China Railway) says the country’s rail cargo volume rose 10.1 per cent year on yar to hit a record high in April.

The rail cargo volume is a key indicator of China’s economic capabilities, as the rise meets China’s increasing demand for rail freight operations.

A China Railway official says the nation’s railways allowed green channels to transport agriculture materials and coal, leading to a strong demand for railway freight transport in April.

In total, 330 million tonnes of cargo were transported on China’s railways in April, which was 30.18 million tonnes more than April 2021 according to China Railway.

In April 2022, 110 million tonnes of coal for power generation were carried on freight railways, while 6.03 million tonnes of agricultural supplies including chemical fertilizers and seeds were transported, increasing by 47.6 per cent from April last year.

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Coal transport on freight rail increased by 12.1 per cent from this time last year to ensure coal storage in 363 power supply plants for 28.6 days.

This boom in rail cargo transport continued through the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, as freight trips in this area increased by 19.6 per cent.

Along other routes, the China-Laos Railway carried 132,000 tonnes of goods for import and export along freight rail.

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