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Chevron LNG worker strike continues as more action on the cards

Following recent strike fears, Chevron LNG workers in Australia are preparing to once again take up the industrial fight

Despite potential remediation earlier this week, it looks like the Chevron LNG worker strike in Australia is set to continue as no solution has been reached.

A pact recently ended proposed strikes at two Chevron Australia LNQ plants, but workers have since elected to recommence stoppages following unions accusing the US company of not following through on its commitments.

Late last month Reuters reported that workers called off major strikes after the Fair Work Commission (FWC) proposed new pay and conditions to suit both parties.

However, nearly a fortnight after these negotiations were worked out, unions have accused Chevron on not following through on the key commitments, with unions trying to turn the FWC’s negotiations into a legally binding contract.

Reuters says unions must formally give seven days’ notice to Chevron before any stoppages begin, with a meeting this week ending in workers voting to restart strikes at the Gorgon and Wheatstone sites, which are collectively responsible for roughly seven per cent of global LNG production.

Chevron recently told Reuters that it continues to work with all parties to finalise a deal, with unions expected to provide seven days’ notice next week.

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