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CH Robinson launches advanced Oceania contract logistics solution

CH Robinson is continuing to expand its contract logistics solutions with the unveiling of its latest move for APAC customers

One of the world’s largest third-party logistics companies, CH Robinson, has announced the launch of a new contract logistics solution for Oceania customers.

The new solution aims to help shippers achieve operational excellence and improve overall cost efficiency by offering a tailored solution for every logistics requirement.

The solution is now part of CH Robinson’s full suite of contract logistics solutions, which includes access to roughly two million sqm of warehousing space, an advanced warehouse management system, inventory management, a wide distribution network and an array of value-added services.

“CH Robinson is looking forward to helping businesses in Oceania identify opportunities to make warehousing more dynamic, responsive and efficient with intelligence to meet the evolving demands of the modern supply chain,” CH Robinson APAC vice president Andrew Coldrey says.

“It is an innovative service that aims to help scale businesses by improving warehousing and supply chain capabilities.”

Having recently been named as one of the US’ most innovative companies, CH Robinson’s latest solution is now part of a wider network of intelligent warehouse solutions.

The company’s contract logistics services are supported by an advanced warehouse management system that connects all resource planning functions.

The launch also enables businesses to improve their overall productivity as it mitigates potential operational excellence delays with clear warehouse key performance indicators (KPIs) that cover time and cost.

“Automation and increased supply chain visibility are essential when adapting to today’s logistics challenges and bringing the industry forward,” Coldrey says.

The launch of this innovation presents an opportunity for companies who are involved heavily in e-commerce, manufacturing, inventory management, order fulfilment and distribution to expand their businesses as C.H. Robinson brings global logistics into the future.

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