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CEVA extends logistics partnership with Ferrari

CEVA will continue to provide support for Ferrari over the course of the 2024 Formula 1 season

Global logistics company CEVA Logistics has signed a multi-year agreement to continue providing all logistics services for Scuderia Ferrari’s cars and equipment during Formula 1 Grand Prix events. 

CEVA says that the extension marks the strengthening of the relationship and mutual trust between two renowned brands in the world of motorsport and logistics. 

As part of the deal, CEVA’s logo will remain on Ferrari’s new team vehicle and on the equipment and clothing of the drivers and racing team. 

CEVA says that through its network of road, sea, air and rail transport operations, it is prepared for the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship, which will include 24 events across the globe. 

Since 2022, we have demonstrated that we have a lot in common with Ferrari,” CEVA deputy CEO Olivier Storch says. 

“The renewal of our partnership is proof of CEVA’s ambition and ability to achieve excellence in all circumstances.” 

Ferrari chief racing revenue officer Lorenzo Giorgetti says that with more races held outside of Europe, the logistical requirements are even greater compared to a few years ago. 

“This hectic pace means that it is vital for Scuderia Ferrari to be able to count on a worldclass logistics partner like CEVA, as it guarantees an on-time and precise service, while sharing Ferrari’s passion for innovation and the desire to push the boundaries, Giorgetti says. 

Both organisations also have the common goal of reducing emissions and innovate. CEVA says that last year, it demonstrated its ability to innovate by organising a world-first rail transport service to deliver Ferrari’s equipment between three Grand Prixs in the United States. 

CEVA says that this reduced carbon footprint by 90 per cent compared to air transport and by 32 per cent compared to road transport. 

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