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CartonCloud index shows record optimism

The survey indicates companies are looking to hire more and more people as the industry booms

Logistics IT firm CartonCloud’s recent survey of the warehouse and transport business suggests the industry shows a record high level of confidence in its future.

The industry report forecasts a hiring boom in 2022, as logistics businesses are planning greater investments in technology to seize opportunities to grow following the COVID-19 pandemic.

CartonCloud’s report measured the sentiments of warehouse and transport businesses in the final quarter of 2021, with 126 respondents providing feedback on operating conditions, workforce and hiring opportunities going forward.

The results recorded the highest quarter of optimism for 2021, with more than 75 per cent of respondents holding positive outlooks for the current economic climate, while 93 per cent of senior managers and business owners also responded positively.

According to the survey, companies say they are looking for roles grounded in industry experience and expertise, such as multi-licensed drivers, experienced warehouse operators and supply chain management.

Not just focused on data automation and optimising workflow, businesses also say they are looking to increase their staff in the coming years to meet demands.

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“The pandemic caused a lot of upheaval, but the index is showing that businesses are achieving positive outcomes as they adjust to the new norm,” CartonCloud CEO Vincent Fletcher says.

“The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly and has had a huge impact on the logistics industry; massive consumer spending in November and December led to the highest demand levels on record for logistics.

“Businesses are seeking to keep that momentum going in the months ahead by investing in technology to optimise operations and getting the most from the resources they have on hand.”

With 81 per cent of transport operations and 65 per cent of warehouse operations indicating a high likelihood of creating new jobs in the near future according to the survey, this high optimism for the industry follows a year of growth.

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