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Carroll the new ministerial face of Victorian road safety

Horne retains freight and ports responsibilities and has others added


Victoria’s ministerial reshuffle following the sacking of local government and small business minister Adem Somyurek has seen Ben Carroll elevated to the role of minister for public transport and roads and road safety from justice,industry and employment portfolios.

Freight and ports minister Melissa Horne’s plate are added the consumer affairs, gaming and liquor regulation and fishing and boating portfolios.

Vicki Ward is parliamentary secretary for transport.

“CTAA welcomes the retention of the freight and ports portfolio by Hon. Melissa Horne,” Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) director Neil Chambers says.

“There is lots to do in Victoria in this important portfolio, including developing protocols and indicators of container logistics chain performance through the Port of Melbourne.

“So, it’s a good outcome that the incumbent minister can continue to apply her attention to these issues.

“CTAA also welcomes Ben Carroll as the new minister for roads and road safety, replacing Jaala Pulford, who takes on employment matters. 

“This is an important portfolio, as we continue to need road infrastructure investment in Victoria to accommodate Higher Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) and improve road safety outcomes.”

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) notes that Jacinta Allan adds the new Suburban Rail Loop portfolio to her transport infrastructure responsibilities.

“There are a number of projects underway where we are working with the Victorian government to improve and streamline processes for operators, such as the current heavy vehicle licensing review the VTA has been tasked with leading, and which we see as critical for attracting Victorians to a career as a heavy vehicle driver, and dramatically improving safety standards across the industry,” VTA CEO Peter Anderson says.

“The Andrews government has recognised the opportunity to improve safety within our industry and at the same time address the current skills shortages we are facing with its commitment of $4 million over four years to attract 800 new drivers to the industry welcome validation of the partnership approach the VTA has advocated to make our roads and drivers safer.

“Other prominent issues facing our industry include implementation of the Principal Freight Network, curfews and road access, environmental and emissions controls (cleaner freight), regional and rural road infrastructure maintenance and renewal, road user charging and ensuring fairness and equity, tolls, intermodal transport, and the gig economy.

“We look forward to progressing these issues with Ben and his ministerial colleagues.”

Read Horne’s thoughts on the port container logistics study, here

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) chair Duncan Gay observes that the NHVR had a close working relationship with the Victorian government and Department of Transport to deliver productive access and improved road safety outcomes across the heavy vehicle industry.

“On behalf of the staff and Board I’d like to welcome Ben and I look forward to working with him to continue to deliver strong positive outcomes for Victoria’s heavy vehicle industry and all road users,” Gay says.

“Road safety in Victoria is vitally important due to the large number of local and national freight movements throughout the state.

“The NHVR has a broad workforce in Victoria, including more than 40 safety and compliance officers.”

Gay joins the VTA in thanking former minister Jaala Pulford for her efforts.

He highlights the transition of heavy vehicle safety and compliance services from the Department of Transport to the NHVR last December and the launch of the NHVR’s We Need Spacecampaign.

“I would also like to acknowledge the hard work and support of Jaala and her team over the past 18 months, including during the bushfire response earlier this year and during the current changes brought about by the coronavirus response,” Gay says.


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