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Capral acquires Brisbane’s Apple Aluminium

Australia’s largest aluminium extruder, Capral, has completed the “relatively small” acquisition of Apple Aluminium

Capral Aluminium has continued its strategy to increase market reach and enhance operational capabilities with the acquisition of Brisbane company Apple Aluminium. 

Capral labelled the move as “relatively small” due to Apple Aluminium’s annual reported sales of roughly $12 million. 

Apple Aluminium was established in 1983 and has grown across multiple industries over its 40-year history, including offering advanced services like industrial light fabrication and CNC machinery. 

Capral Aluminium CEO and managing director Tony Dragicevich says the acquisition aligns with the company’s “long-term growth” strategy. 

“This acquisition represents a strategic move to expand our market presence and strengthen our operational capabilities in Brisbane,” Dragicevich says. 

“Apple Aluminium has built a strong reputation for quality and service, values that parallel Capral’s. 

“This acquisition aligns with Capral’s long-term strategy of growth through strategic acquisitions and continuous improvement.” 

Capral’s 2023 annual report stated revenues of $657 million. 

Subject to completion conditions the acquisition is planned to complete in late July. 

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