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Cameron in plea to customers for truck driver support

Open letter seeks civilised treatment generally as access to hygiene is closed off


The limits of politicians’ fine intentions, confusion engendered by federation and short-sighted actions in closing facilities truck drivers need to operate safely during the pandemic are all coming into focus as the weekend looms.

Probably the most poignant and recent intervention is from Glen Cameron, founder of the Victorian-headquartered transport company that bears his name, in an open letter.

It reads:

To our Customers,

Firstly, we appreciate your extensive support and engagement of the Cameron Group during this very challenging period.  We all acknowledge the importance of logistics and freight during these times and its integral role in supporting Australia and Australians.

I wanted to take this opportunity to request your consideration of a specific issue that has become prevalent across the country.  Our drivers are experiencing a growing number of access bans and lockouts from washroom amenities at sites along every link in the supply chain. With the closing of most retail outlets providing washroom amenities on a majority of roads and rest areas, the ability for our drivers to access amenities for even the simple task of washing their hands is fast becoming impossible. Metro work is just as troublesome as public washrooms become the only option and many are in locations inaccessible to heavy vehicles.

All Cameron Group employees and sites practice good hygiene as directed by the Health Department and, in many instances, specific requests by you – our Customers. We have comprehensive oversight and ongoing management and monitoring of COVID-19 within our business, and again, in partnership with you and your customers. Prevention and precautionary processes are in line with all Government recommendations and replicate what you have implemented.

As such, we would appreciate your consideration to support our employees in gaining greater access to amenities both at distribution hubs and end customer points. If this communication could be shared with your team, and we’ll also ask our site teams to talk directly with their peers from your organizations, to find solutions to support better access wherever possible.  We realise that some points of access will remain closed to our drivers but any influence that can be brought to bear to help re-open washroom amenities across your supply chain would be greatly appreciated.

This note is to bring this issue to your attention but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are experiencing issues within your business. Our operations managers will address any specific concerns with their peers at the site level but a voice of support from you would greatly assist us

Kind regards,

Glen Cameron


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