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Call for public Code of Practice input

NHVR seeks public input on draft code of practice for CoR issues prepared by ALC and ATA


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is seeking public input on a draft Industry Code of Practice jointly developed by the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) and the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

Through their joint company Safe Trucking and Supply Chains, the two industry groups developed a draft Registered Industry Code of  Practice to help different parts of the supply chain meet their Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations under the new laws, due to be introduced on October 1.

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NHVR regulatory compliance executive director Tony Kursius says the Master Code of Practice will also cover general compliance risks for Australia’s Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) – particularly with respect to speed, fatigue, mass, dimension and loading.

“Once approved and registered, the master code will set industry standards to support supply chain parties in meeting their Chain of Responsibility obligations under the law,” he says.

“The master code will be freely available to all heavy vehicle operators and supply chain parties to assist them in improving their safety and compliance performance and can also be used in court to highlight known risks and control methods.”

“That means adopting the risk-based approach of a Registered Industry Code of Practice will improve your ability to comply with safety and legal requirements,” Kursius adds.

But industry feedback is needed before it is adopted more broadly, Kursius says, in statements echoed by both the ATA and ALC managing director Michael Kilgariff, who said that while the code had been developed in consultation with industry representatives, more was needed to ensure it was relevant to operator needs.  

 “This final period of public consultation will help to make certain that the Master Code accurately captures all elements essential to the safe conduct of road transport operations, and can deliver the improved road safety outcomes that are a high priority for all those involved in this industry,” he says.

Kursius says the NHVR is seeking industry feedback through to July 31, with those suggestions to be assessed by a panel appointed by the regulator under its guidelines for developing industry codes of practice.

“I would urge anyone who has an interest in heavy vehicle safety to have a look at the draft industry master code and provide any feedback you consider appropriate,” he says.

The ALC expects the Master Code will be formally launched as part of the 2018 Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit, being held in Melbourne from 5-6 September.

Once approved and registered by the NHVR, the Master Code will be freely available to all heavy vehicle operators and supply chain parties via the NHVR website.

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