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BTS 19: Slick Swede Scania

'Old, dirty trucks' brushed aside for new generation

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In a major turnaround after the disappointment of 2018 when product supply issues stopped Scania from making the most of its New Truck Generation in a booming market, 2019 may well go down as one of the best on record for the Swedish maker.

Addressing the media in the opening hours of the Brisbane Truck Show, Scania Australia managing director Mikael Jansson said acceptance of the new range is exceptionally strong, with flagship V8 models such as the R650 show truck appealing to operators across the country.

Read about Scania’s alternative fuels commentary at BTS, here

However, his strongest commentary was directed at old trucks being retired to city and suburban applications.

“Australian roads are home to some of the oldest and dirtiest trucks globally,” he remarked.

“Old, dirty trucks should not be retired into the city. They should be pensioned off for good.”

Pushing the point, he said Scania was showcasing several models aimed at reducing the environmental impact of trucks operating in the city, including a P340 6×2 rigid model fuelled by compressed natural gas (CNG).

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Several brands have, of course, offered CNG models in the past with modest success, at best.

It’ll be interesting to see if Scania fares any better.

Meantime, there’s still no sign of the heavy-duty S-series model developed as part of Scania’s new generation.

We hear there are a couple working in the west where front axle tolerances are more generous than the eastern seaboard.

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Photography: Steve Brooks and Nathan Duff

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