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BTS 19: Bartletts customised solutions

Business fast approaching 75th anniversary keeps ticking


Amid the accessory and ancillary stands on the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre’s plaza level, Bartlett Integrated Transport Solutions was making its third appearance at the Brisbane Truck Show with a range of truck towing systems.

However, as Alan Bartlett points out, the Bartlett brand has been around much longer. In fact, it began shortly after World War II; the year 1946 to be exact, when his grandfather, Norm Bartlett began connecting trucks to trailers.

Consequently, Alan is the third generation of Bartletts in the business. His daughter, Sarah, also on show stand duties, is the next generation.

Bartlett Integrated Transport Solutions is based in Hallam, Victoria, although its equipment is sold through distributors around Australia.

“We also have direct contact with fleets, so if there’s a large fleet that has towing issues, we come in, maybe look at custom design or custom equipment to help mitigate their problems,” Alan continues.

“We also have 20 different towbar models and we have a unique grading system that we rate to the maximum that the truck can tow, and the maximum that the trailer coupling can tow.

“We look at all the aspects of the lowest common denominator on the vehicle combination, and then we rate to that.

“We serial number the towbars, we match the serial numbers to the bin, and the outcome for the fleets is that they get complete traceability so they can start managing their fleet.

“So if they want to know something about what that truck can tow, we can tell them,” Alan says.

The 2021 Brisbane Truck Show, to be held from May 13 to 16, will be a landmark occasion for Alan and Sarah, and Bartlett Integrated Transport Solutions.

“The next time we come here will be 75 years in business,” Alan says.


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