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Blennerhassetts honoured as 2020 Kenworth Legends

North Queensland operators grew and diversified company from humble beginnings


Les and Judy Blennerhassett of Blenners Transport have been recognised as the 2020 Kenworth Legends.

Revealed during the Australian Trucking Association’s ATA Live broadcast this week, the Blennerhassetts were honoured for their achievements before sharing an insight into how they have grown their business to become the success it is today. 

“Their journey to becoming one of North Queensland’s largest family owned rail and road transport operators started on a banana farm,” the ATA says.

In 1988, as a solution to their own transportation issues, the Blennerhassetts began operating a small fleet of vehicles that predominantly transported its own produce to market.


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“Quickly, a broader need for reliable and efficient transport in the Far North was identified and in 1991, under the new name of Blenners Transport, the business began to expand,” the ATA notes.

“Blenners Transport has continued to grow steadily to meet the ongoing and ever changing demands of their clients and now their significant fleet supplies fresh produce from North Queensland to all southern states with return loads to Brisbane or North Queensland.”

For their part, the Blennerhassetts make plain the honour was not one they had expected.

“Being inducted as a legend was is something we never thought we would be,” Judy Blennerhassett says.

“We are very honoured and proud to have that title.”

Les Blennerhassett adds: “I don’t think I’ve done anything special to become a ‘Legend’ but I’m honoured that Paccar thinks we are. Yeah, thanks for that.”


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