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Bis extends Anglo American link with Capcoal deal

Customisable off-road haulage solution secures multi-year Bowen Basin contract


Bis Industries gains a new multi-year contract for Anglo American’s Capcoal operations near Middlemount, in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. 

The resources logistics provider notes that the off-road haulage, materials handling and site services contract is the latest in a 20-year relationship with miner and will bring its driver safety IT innovation to the task.

The contract sees Bis supply a tailored high-payload equipment solution for the operation’s rejects haulage.

Additionally, the company will deliver site services including road maintenance, dust mitigation and run-of-mine (ROM) equipment feed, as well as haulage of topsoil, rock and ROM coal as required.

Bis points to its ability to provide a tailored haulage and logistics solution, specific to this particular operation, as a key factor in securing the new contract.

 “We have a long history of integrating customisable OEM innovations and existing solutions to deliver against specific customer objectives,” Bis CEO Brad Rogers says.

“This competency continues to drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs for our customers. It’s a formula that works.

“For instance, the specific higher payload capacity solution put forward for this project delivers significant advantages for Anglo American.

“It means a reduction in the total equipment required, vehicle movements and fuel consumption; all three of which directly contribute towards improved safety, sustainability and productivity outcomes for the customer.”

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The range of tailored equipment for the project includes double trailer configuration haulers, front end loaders, graders, water trucks and a compaction roller.

The fleet is fitted with the latest Bis safety and productivity management systems, including Trifecta, a new in-cabin AI driver and vehicle monitoring software.

Trifecta is a new in-cabin AI analytics system, developed with EDGE3 Technologies, the system collects, analyses and reports driver behaviours such as drowsiness, mobile phone use, smartwatch use, smoking, seatbelt and other violations.

Trifecta then ‘learns’ over time to pre-empt high risk incidents in real-time through alerts to drivers and supervisors.

“Since Trifecta’s deployment across our fleet, driver infractions have decreased precipitously,” Rogers said when Trifecta entered service earlier in the year.

“Incident rates involving smoking breaches whilst driving and system tampering have decreased to zero, as have seatbelt breaches.

“Instances of mobile phone distractions have consistently trended downwards in the region of 80 per cent.

“In FY20, Trifecta analysed over 2,000 hours of footage per day, which represents an efficiency increase of 1,450 per cent compared to our previous monitoring operations.”

According to Bis, Trifecta, adopting gamification principles, utilises a points-based rewards system as well level-ups to reward good driving behaviours. It identifies positive driver behaviours, such as in-cabin cleaning and properly entering and exiting the truck.


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