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Benz announces new Sprinter models

Daimler has new Sprinter models and engine options arriving in Europe shortly


Daimler has announced new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models with new engine options and increased gross vehicle weight (GVW) in Europe.

The new Sprinter models will offer a GVW of 5.5-tonne – a half-tonne increase on the former limit – and increase the load capacity by 450kg to a total payload of between 2.95-tonne and 3.41-tonne, depending on the model.

The new top-end models mean the Sprinter range now weigh in between 3-tonnes and 5.5-tonnes.

Daimler head of Sprinter product management Norbert Kunz says “customers operating in weight-sensitive areas in particular have often expressed a demand for a version with a higher payload”.

“At the same time, the Sprinter is also very compact and agile. It offers good dynamics and a passenger car like feel at the wheel – even with a gross weight of 5.5 tonne.”

Daimler says the move, which targets customers with special conversion requirements such as ambulances and fire service vehicles, removes previous red tape issues of adapting the vehicles above the 5-tonne ceiling.

“Our 5.5-tonne Sprinter avoids additional work for our customers from the body and conversion sector,” head of the Mercedes-Benz bodybuilding centre Peter Strobach says.

“The required body can now be ordered in the customary, routine manner – with no need for individual approvals.”

Daimler says it will also have two new engine variants on offer with increased torque.

“The entry-level model now produces an output of 84kW (114hp) as opposed to the previous 70kW,” the company says.

“The next-highest power rating has been upgraded from 95kW to 105kW (143hp).”

Two of the engine models already on the market, the 120kW (163hp) and 140kW (190hp) variants, will remain.

All engines are Euro 6 emissions standard compliant.

Local information has yet to be announced.


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