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Beattie Transport’s key to expansion

Having the right people for the team is a huge advantage, founder says

Adelaide-based end-to-end logistics provider Beattie Transport has doubled in size thanks to the appointment of two key managers.

The 45-year-old company, which provides line haul, warehousing and storage solutions, has won some key contracts thanks to CEO Phillip Mills and Compliance Manager Tony Rankine.

Managing Director and Founder Malcolm Beattie has survived six recessions because of his can-do attitude, saying it’s about having the right people for the team.

Having Mills and Rankine come on board has seen the company’s compliance improve and the business change into a corporation with long-term plans.

However, the company has not grown overnight – Beattie has been pouring the profits back into the business.

“We have seen a lot of companies grow overnight and they go overnight as well,” Beattie says.

“As our company has earned the money we have always reinvested back into the company – we don’t take money out of the company to do things; it’s grown off its own back.

“Throughout the years I have learnt that is has been a very hard, competitive industry, you really have to look at your margins every inch of the way.”

Check out the February edition of ATN for the full story on Beattie Transport.

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