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Baxter reappointed as ATA Industry Technical Council chair

Well-known NSW trucking identity and operator retains the reins


Kel Baxter, owner of the eponymous Kel Baxter Transport, has been reappointed as the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA’s) Industry Technical Council (ITC) chair.

Reappointed for a further two years by ATA chair David Smith, the association hails Baxter’s leadership on the delivery “of many positive outcomes to industry, including work on roller brake testing, the revised Technical Advisory Procedure for side underrun protection, and the ATA ITC converter dolly project”. 

It notes Baxter was also an early proponent of the road train modernisation program for B-triples and AB-triples.

In 2009, he donated his own equipment to run the first legal BAB Quad on NSW roads and at a similar ATA demo day at Dubbo in 2010, and has been instrumental in achieving better access for road trains in the Riverina, ATA adds. 

Baxter’s commentary on vehicle innovation, here

“The ATA highly values Kel’s leadership of the ITC. His experience places the ATA in a strong position to develop outstanding technical policy and advice for industry,” Smith says. 

“First appointed as chair of the ITC in 2015, Kel is widely respected in the trucking industry for his extensive knowledge and passion for improving industry safety and productivity.”  

In 2015, Mr Baxter was inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame, and in 2019 was recognised as a ‘Kenworth Legend’ by the truckmaker. 

Baxter says the ITC plays a critical role in ensuring industry is well-placed to maintain best practice policy and procedures.  

“The trucking industry is constantly adapting to keep up with new technologies and our changing environment,” Baxter says.  

“The ITC plays a crucial role in enhancing industry safety and productivity, and I am proud to lead the council for another two years.” 


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